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5 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization SEO Services in Calgary City, Canada

Are you searching for the benefits of Search Engine Optimization SEO in Calgary City, Canada? Calgary city has many industries as a result of being the centre of the oil industry in Canada. It means for your business to become visible, you need to hire SEO services.

SEO enables your businesses to have websites that rank higher in the search results of search engines, for instance, Google. The result is you get more customers to your site, which increases the possibility of them purchasing your products or services. This post gives you 5 benefits of carrying out SEO Calgary.

Customized Websites

SEO, Calgary services enable your business to have user-friendly websites. The reason is that you want visitors to your site to find a fast, smooth and friendly website. Customers are nowadays searching for sites with suit their specific needs.

By carrying out SEO Calgary, you ensure that clients stay longer on your site. That increases the possibility of them purchasing your brands.

Brand Awareness

SEO Calgary also increases brand awareness. The reason is that clients trust brands or services that appear higher in the search results of engines such as Google or Yahoo.

By using keywords related to your products, for example, Oil. You ensure that your brand gets known Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

Get More Customers

SEO Calgary also ensures you get more customers compared to traditional marketing. That’s because SEO is all about marketing your business.

The reason is that clients get to know about your business without having to pay physical visits to your offices. SEO services target traffic that’s interested in your products.

Increased Conversion Rates

Another benefit of SEO Calgary is that you get better conversion rates. Customers get to know about your business faster by browsing on their Smartphones, Tablets or Internet-enabled computers.

SEO sites are also easy to read and navigate. They make your first clients to become repeat ones, subscribers and also loyal ones.

Gets You Ahead Of the Competition

SEO Calgary services also enable you to get ahead of the game. That’s because you may be offering the same products or services as your competitors.

However, a customized and SEO friendly website makes sure that clients encounter your services first. Keep in mind that consumers nowadays use online means to find the best products. That’s by reading online reviews.


Hiring SEO Calgary services should be easier using the above guide. Remember that you advertise your products or services to attract clients. SEO Services ensure you double the results of these efforts. That’s by linking your site to platforms such as Social Media.

The ROI of Digital Communications is… Relationships!

The future of marketing is about to rely very heavily on marketers who know how to integrate technology throughout every process of a customer’s experience. The biggest question that faces everyone right now is: How do I leverage online and mobile experiences to produce successful ROI?

Again, what is ROI? Return on intelligence?! Seriously… We need to ignore ROI when it comes to marketing. I get it; we need to measure our results to understand what is working and what isn’t working. Marketing should not be driven by revenue. MARKETING SHOULD BE DRIVEN BY RELATIONSHIPS!

“Twitter is not a good tool for a lot of things. It’s great for conversation, it’s great for relationships, it’s horrible for sales, it’s horrible for marketing, it has no shelf life, and I love it because it creates relationships.” ~ Scott Stratten

What if we took the question, “How do I leverage online and mobile experiences to produce successful ROI?” and re-wrote it to say, “How do I leverage online and mobile experiences to produce valuable experiences?” Better yet, let’s think in terms of the customer:

“How do I leverage online and mobile experiences to produce valuable returns on investments for my customers?”

After all, we are asking our customers to talk, engage, research, and ultimately buy from us. We’re either producing valuable experiences for them or incompetent interrupted experiences that reflects positive or negative on our brand experience.

Remember, there is never a neutral experience with a brand. It goes up or down!

So let’s answer: “How do I leverage online and mobile experiences to produce valuable returns on investments for my customers?”

That depends on the size of your company, industry, and whether you’re a B2C or B2B. There are many factors that go in to creating heuristic experiences, including:

  • Business Purpose
  • Business Values
  • Business Objectives
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Goals
  • * Digital Objectives
  • * Digital Strategy
  • * Digital Goals
    * Digital objectives, strategies, and goals are limited to only a select few companies in the world that have large brand recognition, such as Pepsi, Starbucks, Coke, ect

As you can tell, there are numerous variables that go into answering the above question. It’s not as easy as you might have though. Consider all the above factors for your business and let’s revisit this in the next post. Here is one tip: I repeat, don’t create a separate Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube strategy! You would never have a separate telephone.

What are some successful strategies or activities that have worked for you? I’d love to hear them! A follow up post will highlight case studies with key do’s and don’ts.

What The Heck Is Digital Communications?!

Now that I’ve defined what digital communications is and calmed down the paranoid around “social media” (hopefully), what is digital communications, what are the channels of digital communications, and what are the wrong ways to be effective at digital communication?

Effective digital communications can take many forms, but the basic premise is the understanding of how your customer receives important key brand messages while completing an online transaction, entering a contest, giving a comment or feedback, creating or engaging in a conversation, and so much more! We refer to this online interaction as an experience that creates an emotional connection with customers.

Digital communications for any business use to be limited to experiences strictly on your website. However, in the past five years, the multitude of channels for experiences has grown immensely. Advances in technology and software development have created new channels that shifted the population towards the new phenomenon in Facebook and social networks. This ultimately shifted the communication away from a company’s website to numerous channels.

This shift in communication has forced businesses to have less control over the experiences of their brand(s) and more engagements with their customers. Businesses are now forced to pay attention to or own multiple channels of possible congregating fans, such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Messaging
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Yelp
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Gaming (eg: Farmville)
  • Forums
  • Newsnets

With an abundance of channels and an infinite amount of online experiences, your customers can never have a neutral experience with your brand. Your brand will either go up or down. There is no middle ground!

Engagement techniques have been around for a while now, just not in the same form as we think of them today. Tip: Don’t talk back to a customer that wants to talk to you. You only turn them away!

As Scott Stratten pointed out in last weeks Unmarketing Conference, “It’s not your job to tell your audience how to consume your content, you just want them to consume it.” In otherwards, don’t kill the spread of content by creating new channels that force customers to engage elsewhere than where they are use to talking. They won’t come!

Second, be cautious of engaging on multiple channels. Creating content for Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blog, and website may not be necessary for your brand. The danger with this approach is that you can spread your resources, time, and content too thin across the digital spectrum and your customers may begin engaging on a medium you’re not comfortable with. Then you really are S.O.L.

I highly suggest building up one or two platforms at most that provide high levels of engagement, such as Twitter and/or Facebook. Having said this, there is no question that you need to own a presence on all, if not most digital channels, but your content and resources should be heavily focused on just one or two channels.

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