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Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… WTF Is Social Media?

Social media is…. A blog, twitter, facebook, YouTube, digg, reddit, and more. Is it really?! The continued debate of what social media truly is has raged on for the past year or more. People, Companies, and Brands are jumping all over the bandwagon as a must have new channel of marketing. Social media is this.. it’s that.. it’s…. Seriously people, grow up and listen to yourselves!!!

We’ve been in this debate of what social media really is now for the past year or two. Many businesses and corporations are caught up on the open transparency of social media and the danger that technology is now presenting in terms of privacy. That is one major element, but the other element is that many people view these new advances in social networks as a technology medium to creating a new channel of marketing. In all honesty, social media is the most overused word in the history of the Internet for the past 10 years.

I hate the term social media! Mr. Unmarketing himself say’s it perfectly “It’s called talking!!!”

Why can’t we as human beings be able to talk as part of our business? That is after all how we sell product. Why have we not been able to get over the fear of creating conversation around our brand? For years, word-of-mouth has been one of the number ways of purchase decisions, yet we’ve never been able to hold such public conversations with our customers until now. So what is the biggest challenge facing businesses to understand “talking”?

So if social media is “talking”, then why am I not a talking consultant? I guess that’s a little too simplified for business purposes. So my definition of social media does not involve the term “social media” at all. In fact, I call it “digital communications”.

Digital communications is:

“A communication system with multiple channels of online conversations designed to engage in online conversations for driving offline engagements.”

Digital communications is simply an evolution of communications over thousands of years. From lights flashing in the sky and smoke signals to Alexander Graham Bell’s Telephone inventionand Guglielmo Marconi’s radio telegraph system to TV and finally the Internet. Our communication systems have simply gone from a vague mass and non-relevant system to a mass complex system that allows for one-to-many and one-to-one personable relevant conversations.

Now that we have technology that allows us to have one-to-many and one-to-one personable or relevant conversations, we’re freaking out because the conversations are immediate and constant. The ability to communicate by phone, text, tweet, or post has allowed for constant conversations over multiple channels creating a sense of lunacy in immediate and obsessive responses. This is where digital communications as a system will sort itself out in terms of applicable usage in the coming years.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of social media? Do you like the term digital communications better?

Erin Garrity From Magnify Digital Joins The Now Revolution Panelists

With just over three weeks to go before The Now Revolution Tour touches down in Vancouver, we are very proud to announce that Erin Garrity, VP of Strategy and Interactive Content at Magnify Digital will be joining our elite discussion panel of socialmedia strategists. As a central architect of Magnify Digital’s proprietary ALERT™ system, Erin has guided many businesses and organizations through the design and execution of successful online strategies. Erin is an active member of Vancouver’s Social Media Meetup Group.  A natural trainer, Erin has led online strategy workshops, and done consulting work in a variety of sectors, including financial, environmental, medical, artistic and cultural, as well as governmental.  Celebrating past successful campaigns ranging from Vancouver 2010′s Cultural Olympiad, Whistler Film Festival, to the District of Maple Ridge, Erin now has her sights fixed on Magnify Digital’s recently launched licensing system, ALERT™.  Prior to working in online strategy, Erin produced one of Canada’s first cross-platform (television-internet) broadcasts.  The Emmy-nominated show ran for six years on CBC TV, rumored to have inspired Al Gore’s Current TV.

Erin will be joining and adding to an already amazing panel featuring:

  • Jay Baer, Co-Author of The Now Revolution & Principal of Convince and Convert
  • Shane Gibson, Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing: Social Media and Sociable
  • Mark Smiciklas, Digital Strategist at DIG360

Guerrilla Marketing: Social Media Available For Purchase At Now Revolution Tour in Vancouver
In addition to Erin’s announcement, we’re pleased to announce that not only will you be able to walk away with Jay Baer’s, The Now Revolution Book, but Shane Gibson will also be selling his autographed book, Guerilla Marketing: Social Media for $20. Shane is a leading social media strategist in the Vancouver area blogging since 2002, and podcasting since 2004, Shane drives the majority of his business from social media, and social networks. In addition to Guerrilla Marketing: Social Media, his previous book co-authored with Stephen Jagger is available for purchase in Kindle format.

Vancouver’s Now Revolution Tour Partners with 6S Marketing

Vancouver’s Now Revolution Tour team is pleased to announce a partnership with 6S Marketing this morning. 6S Marketing has been and continues to provide outstanding digital marketing services throughout BC and Canada. With clients such as Opus Hotel, Donnelly Hospitality Group, Blanche MacDonald and the MacLean Family Law Group., 6S Marketing has become one of the iconic digital marketing companies in Vancouver offering services in paid search, email marketing, social media, and search engine marketing for over 10 years now.

We’d like to thank 6S Marketing for their involvement with The Now Revolution Tour here in Vancouver. It’s not every day you get to partner with a very social team!

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